Victims of Hurricane Irma: Visit Us Today

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Victims of Hurricane Irma: Visit Us Today at Ramos Center
Victims of Hurricane Irma: Visit Us Today at Ramos Center

As Florida begins to rebuild and recover after Hurricane Irma, there are still thousands of people suffering from injuries who need aid. At Ramos Center we understand, first hand, the incredible destructive power that Irma unleashed on our sunshine state. That is why our offices in Bradenton and Sarasota remain open and currently assisting both current and new patients. We want to be a part of healing our community after such a damaging disaster and we have experienced medical professionals that are ready to help.

The majority of injuries and damage that have been reported, occurred to people after the initial storm as a result of weakened infrastructure, dangerous road conditions, and gas leaks. Although the middle of the storm can be the most intense, trauma and pain still develop for weeks after the actual event. The shock from the storm can cause many people to not fully realize the extent of the psychological and physical damage until after the storm has passed. We are aware that a disaster like this can have both immediate and extended consequences and we are able to help provide immediate relief as well as long term solutions. If you are experiencing pain, it is imperative that you are seen by a medical professional to ensure your condition is not dangerous or progressing.

As a result of the hurricane, there has been an increased number of blunt force trauma cases, as well as dangerous falls that have resulted in broken bones. These conditions can cause chronic pain if not treated properly or immediately. Additionally, emergency rooms have reported PTSD symptoms from the chaos and destruction wrought by Irma. One emergency room reported running out of splints due to the number of falls and sprains that were treated immediately after the hurricane. If you suffered any of these calamities and have lingering pain or discomfort and need relief, we are here for you! We specialize in treating chronic pain at its source and we are ready to improve your quality of life dramatically.

We have a dedicated and compassionate staff that specializes in treating pain in a comprehensive and sustainable manner. Our goal is to ensure every one of our patients has a custom treatment solution built around their needs and situation. We focus on both the psychological and physical aspects of pain and understand how stressful and tough times like these can contribute to, and even cause, physical symptoms. Through physical therapy, counseling, medication, and advanced medical procedures, we have the tools necessary to create a lasting treatment plan. At Ramos Center, we go beyond just solving our patient’s symptoms and dig down to the root causes of their pain and develop a strategy to solve it.

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