Thomas Brown, PTA

Thomas Brown, PTA – Physical Therapy Assistant in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice

Meet Thomas Brown, PTA! Thomas is an expert in myofascial release and vestibular therapies. To schedule an appointment, please call us.

Thomas Brown

Physical Therapy Assistant
Locations: Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice

Keiser University, Sarasota, FL

Physical Therapy Assistant from Keiser University, Sarasota, FL

My name is Thomas Brown. I am 35 years old. I am a true Florida native that was born in the Tampa Bay area, but grew up in Bradenton. I graduated from Keiser University in December of 2017 with an Associate in Science degree in Physical Therapist Assistant. My first clinical rotation was at the rehab facility Healthsouth, however it was during my second clinical rotation at the Ramos center that I felt I had found my niche. Upon graduating and passing my boards I applied with and found employment at the Ramos center. I plan on specializing in Myofascial release, and Vestibular therapies. I am married with two children, my wife is also in therapy. She is a COTA and the one who inspired me to go back to school in search of a more rewarding career. Besides being devoted to my family I enjoy scuba diving, fishing, mountain biking and generally anything outdoors related. I also love martial arts and studied Kung-fu when I was in my twenties, which was what initially interested me in the motion of the body and ultimately helped me decide on a career in Physical Therapy. I enjoy non-fiction literature especially that which deals with deep history and the origins of humanity.