What is Targeted Drug Delivery?

What is Targeted Drug Delivery?

Targeted drug delivery has been talked about and experimented with for many decades but it wasn’t until recently that scientists started taking advantage in this area of medicine. We have seen incredible outcomes from treatments targeted to defeat illnesses ranging from cancer to HIV/AIDS. At Ramos Center, we specialize in chronic pain management and have advanced targeted drug delivery treatments to offer our patients who are currently suffering and in need of relief.

There are quite a few reasons why targeted drug delivery is safer and more effective for patients in chronic pain. Below we have compared conventional and targeted drug delivery so you can understand the differences for yourself.

Conventional Drug Delivery

Conventional drug delivery is when the drug you are taking enters and treats the body as a whole. In terms of pain medication, this would mean that even though you are taking medication for a specific area of your body, your whole body will feel the effects of the medication at hand. This may seem like a positive but there are a number of reasons why this can be harder on your body and less effective for pain management.

  • Equal Distribution– Medication will be distributed equally throughout the entire body
  • Lower Efficiency– Because it is being equally distributed, you will have less medication numbing the specific area that is experiencing pain.
  • More Frequent Dosing– Because it is less effective overall, you will need to take medication more frequently to numb the affected area.
  • Stronger Side Effects– Side effects will impact your body as a whole.
  • Higher Dosing Tolerance– Your body will become immune to the pain medication faster and you will need to continue upping your dose in order to maintain pain free outcomes.

Targeted Drug Delivery

In the case of pain management, targeted drug delivery comes in the form of a pump that will distribute medication directly into the area of your spinal cord that is affected by pain. This means the nerve leading to, and away from that specific area will be numb but it will not numb other parts of your body like conventional drug delivery. This is for patients seeking long-term chronic pain relief and should only be implemented in cases where conventional drug therapy has been tried and is either no longer effective, or the side effects were too harsh.

  • Direct Distribution– Medication is admitted to the specific area that is affected by pain.
  • High Efficiency– Because it is directly distributed, the medication will work faster and longer in the area experiencing pain.
  • Less Frequent Dosing– You will not have to administer the medication as many times as you would in conventional drug delivery for the desired results.
  • Minimal Side Effects– Because the drug is being targeted to one area of the body, you will not feel the harsh side effects throughout your body.
  • Lower Dosing Tolerance– Your body will have a lower tolerance overall and you will not need to up the dosage of pain medication as frequently.

Our knowledgeable team of Doctors at Ramos Center are here to help you find a solution to your chronic pain. We offer a wide range of services and treatments to help you lead a better life starting the day you come in. Give us a call today to set up an appointment to see if targeted drug delivery therapy is right for you.