Spondylosis Treatment Near Palmetto, FL

Spondylosis Treatment Near Palmetto, FL

If you are suffering from the signs and symptoms of degenerating arthritis in the spine called spondylosis, come to Ramos Center to seek treatment. Our staff are dedicated to ensuring you get the treatment you deserve. Request an appointment online or call our clinic for more information.

Spondylosis Treatment Near Me in Palmetto, FL
Spondylosis Treatment Near Me in Palmetto, FL

What is Spondylosis?

The spine helps give the structure and supports most of its weight. It also carries and protects most of the primary nerve branches that run from the brain. The spine is curved, not straight, and the thoracic, cervical, and lumbar parts of the spine contain two dozen bones referred to as vertebrae.

Between these vertebrae are joints that allow the spine to maneuver flexibly. These are called the facet joints. Also, separating the vertebrae are soft, rubbery tissues called intervertebral discs. These contain cartilage end plates and a hardy exterior, the annulus fibrosus, surrounding an inner core, the nucleus pulposus. Intervertebral discs help achieve fluid movement and provide cushioning against any impact on the bones.

As an individual ages, the discs become drier, thinner, and harder, and lose a fair amount of their cushioning ability. This is why an older person is more likely to possess a fracture of the vertebra than a younger person. When a bone collapses within the spine, a vertebral fracture is the result. It commonly occurs with osteoporosis.

The facet joints between the vertebrae also function less well with age due to wear and tear on their cartilage surfaces. As the cartilage breaks down and wears away, the bones start to rub together, causing friction. This can lead to the formation of bony growths, called bone spurs.

The loss of rubbery tissues and also the development of spurs make the spine stiffer. Back movement becomes more rigid and the amount of friction increases.

What are treatments for Spondylosis?

Your provider may recommend different kinds of medications to help with the pain. Other treatments could include physical therapy, wearing a back brace, steroid injections, or even branch blocks.



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