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Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic Pain Treatment Specialist Questions and Answers

Neuropathy pain can start with pain here and there, and can move to constant pain with numbing. If you are within stage one of neuropathy pain, it is best to seek treatment immediately before it gets worse. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We have convenient locations in Bradenton FL, Sarasota FL, Venice FL, Englewood FL, Port Charlotte FL, Dunedin FL and St. Petersburg, FL to serve you.

Neuropathic Pain Treatment Specialist Near Me in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, Englewood, Port Charlotte, Dunedin and St. Petersburg, FL
Neuropathic Pain Treatment Specialist Near Me in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, Englewood, Port Charlotte, Dunedin and St. Petersburg, FL

Table of Contents:

What are the treatment options for neuropathic pain? 
Can neuropathic pain be cured? 
How do you calm nerve pain?
How do you relieve neuropathy pain?
What are the stages of neuropathy?

What are the treatment options for neuropathic pain?

The main goal of treating neuropathic pain is to identify the disease or condition that is responsible for the pain in the first place, and treat that if at all possible.

Most common treatments for neuropathic pain that are available to patients include:

– Over-the-counter pain medication
This includes Aleve and Motrin which can sometimes be used to treat neuropathic pain.

– Prescription medication

– Topical pain relievers are often best as they include lidocaine patches, capsaicin, patches, and prescription-strength ointments and creams to help with the pain.

– Antidepressant medication
Show great promise in helping to treat symptoms of neuropathic pain. The common antidepressant drugs prescribed are able to treat both pain and symptoms of depression or anxiety caused by chronic pain.

– Anticonvulsants
Anticonvulsants are often prescribed to treat neuropathic pain.

– Nerve blocks
Doctors will inject steroids, local anesthetics, or another form of pain medication into the nerves that were being held responsible for the pain.

– Implantable device
This involves an invasive surgery where a surgeon implants a device into your body. Once placed, it will send electrical impulses into the brain, spinal cord, or nerves.

– Lifestyle treatments
Physical, relaxation and massage treatments are all available to be used to relieve symptoms of neuropathic pain

Can neuropathic pain be cured? 

Early treatment for neuropathic pain is crucial; however, there is no single treatment that can cure or prevent neuropathic pain, it can only help the pain temporarily for relief to help patients with their daily functioning, and lessening their symptoms.

How do you calm nerve pain?

Nerve pain can showcase many different conditions and symptoms, including cancer, HIV, diabetes, and shingles. Nerve pain can be frustrating for some and devastating for others. Symptoms of nerve pain can vary from one individual to another. Damage to the sensory nerves can cause pain, but it can also cause:

– Numbness
– Tingling
– Pricking
– Loss of reflexes

In the more extreme cases, nerve damage can even cause paralysis and affect things including digestion and breathing. The severity of the nerve pain can normally be linked to the severity of the underlying disease that is causing neuropathic pain. In general, nerve pain tends to become worse the older you get.

The most basic options available to help calm the nerve pain include:

– Topical treatments including over-the-counter pain creams
– Anticonvulsants
– Antidepressants
– Pain killers
– Electrical stimulation
– Complementary treatments like acupuncture, massage, meditation, etc.
– Lifestyle changes including exercise, eating healthy, quitting smoking, relaxing

How do you relieve neuropathy pain?

Like mentioned above, you can try the more basic options of relieving neuropathy pain with pain management creams, potions, oils, and pills. You can also use more natural techniques including exercise. Exercising regularly such as walking three times a week can help to reduce your neuropathy pain while improving your muscle strength. As well as quitting bad habits including smoking can severely help.

What are the stages of neuropathy?

Neuropathy is considered a chronic condition that results from the damage or compression of the nerves outside the spinal cord and brain, it comes in stages which helps doctors to evaluate the extent of the damage you may have experienced and which treatment options are available that you may be able to benefit from.

Stage One: Numbness and Pain
Patients slowly start to become aware that something isn’t quite right, with the combination of the nerves in their hands and/or feet becoming painful and/or numb.

Stage Two: Constant Pain
Patients are becoming more aware of the pain they are feeling and that it is becoming more difficult to endure than it was in stage one.

Stage Three: Intense Pain
The pain becomes much more intense and starts to occur more frequently. The patient may have issues doing their normal daily tasks and routines due to the intense pain they are suffering from.

Stage Four: Complete Numbness/ Loss of Sensation
Stage four is the final and worst stage, if the patient does not get medical treatment for their neuropathy issues, they will start to lose all feelings in their hands and/or feet and can run the risk of recurrent wounds and subsequent amputation.

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