Marly Ayala-Ycaza – Bio – Mental Health Counselor Bradenton, FL

Marly Ayala-Ycaza, M/S PSY. LMHC – Mental Health Counselor Bradenton, FL

Meet Marly Ayala-Ycaza, M/S PSY. LMHC! Marly specializes in eating disorders, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, phobias, traumas, and addictions. To book an appointment, please call our office.

Marly Ayala-Ycaza

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Locations: Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice

Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Loja, Ecuador

University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Marly Ayala-Ycaza has extensive experience in counseling patients with psychological and psychiatric disorders with a special preference in handling personality issues. Born in Ecuador, she is also an Argentinean citizen and is fluent in French, Portuguese, Spanish and English and able to provide therapy in any of these languages. Marly Ayala-Ycaza started her academic preparation with an associate degree in nursing at Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil where she was later an Instructor. Her attraction for human mind inspired her to continue on for a Bachelor Degree in General Psychology, graduated as Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja, and followed by a master degree in Science of Psychology at University of Phoenix.

Her experience in eating disorders, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, phobias, traumas, and addictions is a compilation of years of experience in different psychiatric hospitals in Ecuador and the United States. Marly Ayala-Ycaza dedicated part of her last 3 years working as a research coordinator for several trials. She is the author of the paper “Learning Communities: a tool for Educational and Clinical Intervention (June 2010)”. She is the co-author of several papers published by Dr. Ilson Cueva in Ecuador, and the author the seminar “fear to fly” presented in different occasions in Guayaquil, Ecuador.