Group Therapy in Englewood, FL

Group Therapy for Pain Management in Englewood, FL

You may have never heard of group therapy as a method for pain management before. However, this form of therapy can help you understand pain better, approach pain differently, and cope with pain more effectively. At Ramos Center, we provide group therapy that can help you with pain management. Call us today for more information or schedule an appointment online.

Group Therapy for Pain ManagementNear Me in Englewood, FL
Group Therapy for Pain ManagementNear Me in Englewood, FL

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is a kind of talk therapy that involves a group of people with shared problems, like anxiety or even pain. The goal of group therapy is to connect with other people, share experiences, identify negative thoughts and behaviors, change an approach to dealing with the problem, and develop better coping skills. Often, group therapy is combined with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which has similar goals.

How does group therapy for pain work?

There are two main kinds of group therapy, process-oriented group therapy and psychoeducational group therapy. In process-oriented groups, the focus is on working through challenges and changes (like pain that has started to affect daily activities). In psychoeducational groups, the focus is on sharing information or teaching skills (like helping a patient realize they’re not helpless to their pain and that by taking action, they can feel more in control).

Group therapy can offer many benefits over individual therapy, like:

  • Confidence and encouragement from interacting with peers who have the same problem
  • Learning coping strategies other people use for your problem
  • A sense of community
  • And more

Group therapy with CBT may offer additional benefits, like:

  • Learning healthy life skills and coping mechanisms that can help with other problems, like depression or stress
  • An improvement to the physical response in the brain that can affect pain severity
  • And others

In control group studies, it was found that CBT can be really effective for chronic pain. Also, for chronic pain, therapy can be combined with medication, physical therapy, and other treatments.

What can I expect from group therapy?

If you decide to get any type of therapy for pain, the first thing you can expect is for a professional to evaluate your pain and your current pain management methods. You can also expect the professional to assess any issues that could be making your pain worse. Afterwards, the professional will help you put together a treatment plan, and your plan could include group therapy sessions on a weekly basis over several months. The sessions will be guided by a therapist, and the discussions held during the sessions will be confidential.

Group therapy for pain may work well for you if you realize it can really help you and if you can commit to it. Here at Ramos Center, we’re confident group therapy for pain can help you, especially if your therapy is a part of our comprehensive Behavioral Health Program for pain. Reach out to us to learn more about this program and group therapy.

How do you get group therapy?

At Ramos Center, you can get group therapy for pain or get a referral for it. We invite you to call us if you have any other questions about group therapy for pain, or if you’d like to see us for a consultation at our clinic. During your consultation, we can help you reevaluate your pain management plan and decide whether group therapy could be a part of your plan. We’re very confident group therapy can help you even if your pain is chronic.

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