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Patient Information at Ramos Center Bradenton, Sarasota & Venice, FL

The Ramos Center accepts patients who are referred to the practice through a physician, the insurance company that covers the patient, or a self-referral. Ask your Pcp (Primary Care Physician) to refer you, to facilitate the process.

Patient Information at Ramos Center Bradenton, Sarasota & Venice, FL
Patient Information at Ramos Center Bradenton, Sarasota & Venice, FL


The Ramos Center accepts all major medical insurance. A list of those companies is available HERE. Your insurance company also has a list of providers, (physicians or groups) who practice Interventional Pain Management, listed among the information given to you or on their website. WE HAVE A DEDICATED AUTHORIZATION DEPARTMENT WHOSE MISSION IS TO WORK ON THE PATIENT’S BEHALF, TO SPEED UP PROCESSES AND TO CONFIRM COVERAGE. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, FEEL FREE TO CALL OUR MAIN NUMBER (941) 260-0042 TO CONFIRM THAT WE ACCEPT YOUR INSURANCE.

Physician Referral

Once your doctor determines the need for you to see an Interventional Pain Management Physician, he or she will provide you with the name of a physician or group who specializes in treating patients with chronic pain. Usually, a referral sheet will be given to you with contact information, the locations of the offices, and the background of the physician for you to review. If you prefer, your referring doctor’s staff, will call The Ramos Center, to schedule an appointment for you to be seen as soon as possible. THEY WILL CALL US OR FAX US A REFERRAL SHEET ASKING US TO CONTACT YOU, OR WILL ASK YOU TO CONTACT US DIRECTLY. IF YOU ARE TOLD THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE REFERRED, CONTACT OUR OFFICE AND WE WILL CONTACT YOUR REFERRING DOCTOR IF A REFERRAL FORM IS NEEDED BY YOUR INSURANCE (SOME HMO INSURANCES).

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Very often patients have medical insurance, which allows the patient to select the physician themselves (PPO AND SOME HMO INSURANCES). When that is the case, please call our office, CLICK HERE FOR CONTACT INFORMATION. After a brief interview, an appointment will be made for you to be seen.

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