Degenerative Disc Pain Treatment in Bradenton, FL

Degenerative Disc Pain Treatment in Bradenton, FL

Ramos Center for Interventional & Functional Pain Medicine has pain management doctors & medical staff who provide effective treatments for Degenerative Disc Pain. Call us for more information or visit us at 100 3rd Ave. West Suite 210 Bradenton, FL 34205

Degenerative Disc Pain Treatment Near Me in Bradenton FL, Sarasota FL, Venice FL, Englewood FL, Port Charlotte, FL
Degenerative Disc Pain Treatment Near Me in Bradenton FL, Sarasota FL, Venice FL, Englewood FL, Port Charlotte, FL

An aching back is quite often a natural sign of aging. However, you should not ignore your pain if it is severe and lasts for an extended period! It could be a sign that you have degenerative disc disease. At the Ramos Center for Interventional and Functional Pain Medicine, our board-certified doctors have multiple treatment options to choose from to provide healing and relief to your degenerative disc pain.

What causes degenerative disc pain?

Degenerative disc pain occurs when the discs in our spine back break down from wear and tear. These discs naturally function to hold our vertebra together, absorb shock, and enable flexibility in our backs. Factors such as traumatic injury, damage to the inside of the disc from sports or substantial physical activity, or merely the natural process of aging as the discs dry out can cause these disks to degenerate. Furthermore, the discs in your spine receive very little blood flow, which makes it impossible for them to self-repair. Consequently, they start to deteriorate when they are damaged or dried out.

What are the symptoms of degenerative disc disease?

Degenerative disc disease can cause mild to debilitating pain that patients primarily experience in the neck or lower back. However, the pain from this condition can radiate through the buttocks, thighs, arms, and hands. Moreover, degenerative disc pain often increases when sitting, after you have been bending or twisting at the back, or after you have been lifting heavy objects. As such, the pain ebbs and flows, with periods of intense pain lasting or disappearing for days or even months. An odd aspect of this condition is that you may feel better while walking or running than you when you have been standing still for a prolonged period. Other symptoms of degenerative disc disease include numbness or tingling in your extremities and possible weakness in your leg muscles. If you are experiencing foot drop in your gait, it could be a sign that there has been damage to the nerve root.

How do you treat degenerative disc pain?

If you come to the Ramos Center for degenerative disc pain, you will have a wide array of treatment options to choose from! Our approach to pain management is holistic, which means that we focus on healing you as a physical, emotional, and mental being. We will treat the physical, emotional, and psycho-social effects of degenerative disc pain. To do so, we offer the following procedures and programs:

  • Physical therapy
  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy
  • Spinal cord stimulation
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Non-addictive pain medication programs
  • Epidural steroid injections

For the effects of chronic pain that transcend the physical, we also offer counseling programs like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as well as hypnotherapy. If you have unwittingly become reliant upon opioid pain medication, we have programs that can help wean you off of the addictive medication and help you overcome your pain in a more natural way.

Is degenerative disc disease actually a disease?

Despite the name, degenerative disc disease is not actually a disease but is rather a natural, age-related condition! It is a fact of life that our body will wear down over time, and that includes the discs in our spine. That said, not everybody experiences acute and chronic pain from this natural process in our bodies. If you experience acute pain from degenerative discs, you should make an appointment to get it treated so that it doesn’t take away from your life and relationships.

Our doctors at the Ramos Center for Interventional and Functional Medicine can help you with your degenerative disc pain! We welcome you to book an appointment with us, either online or by phone. The Ramos Center is located at 100 3rd Ave. West Suite 210 in Bradenton, Florida, in addition to two other locations. You can reach us during the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

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