Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Treatment in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice & Englewood, FL

Ramos Center for Interventional & Functional Pain Medicine provides treatments for patients suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). To book an appointment with one of our experienced doctors, please call your nearest location today.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Treatment in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice and Englewood, FL

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a long-term pain condition. CRPS most commonly develops in an arm or leg with a previously sustained injury. At Ramos Center for Interventional & Functional Pain Medicine, we provide compassionate care and comprehensive treatment for patients with CRPS, so they can enjoy freedom from chronic pain and live a more comfortable, active life.

What are the symptoms of CRPS?

Patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome will likely experience tingling or burning in their extremities that spreads into other parts of the body. For example, a person who sustains an injury in their foot may develop pain that radiates into the entire leg, or even further into other parts of the body. Patients may feel too warm or too cool, and their skin may even change color as a result of the condition. Patients will often become extremely sensitive to even feather light touches, and may have difficulty moving the affected limb or develop other abnormal changes to their nails or hair, or excessive sweating. If you notice that you are experiencing pain that radiates throughout your body without any direct cause, it could be the result of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and it may be time to speak with a pain specialist who can help you understand your condition.

What causes CRPS?

There is no exact cause pinpointed as the only reason that some people will develop Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and others won’t. Some patients’ bodies will simply have an abnormal overreaction to an injury, which will lead to CRPS symptoms. Any type of injury can lead to the development of CRPS including a sprain, strain, fracture, or burn. CRPS can also develop in patients who have undergone surgical intervention to correct dysfunction or address a medical problem. While CRPS is not fully understood, it is believed that your genes, immune system, and nervous system may play a role in its development. When you experience chronic, widespread pain that seems to manifest in parts of the body it shouldn’t, you should contact an experienced pain doctor who can help you understand your symptoms and will work with you to develop a customized treatment protocol to address your unique body’s needs.

What treatments are available to address CRPS?

There are many approaches to treating Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, and only you and your doctor can decide on a treatment plan that is right for your body. Treatment plans for patients with CRPS may include physical therapy and even psychotherapy for dealing with the anxiety or depression that can result from dealing with a long-term chronic illness. Nerve blockers, pain medications, and other approaches may all be useful depending on how your body responds to them. Devices that can deliver continuous medication may be an option for patients with more critical pain issues. At Ramos Center for Interventional & Function Pain Medicine, we believe in offering targeted, effective care that can drastically improve the quality of life for patients with CRPS. When you entrust us with your CRPS treatment, you will reap the benefits of truly personalized, compassionate care. Our pain doctors and experienced medical staff will work to create a dedicated treatment plan that will help you live a healthier, happier life free from chronic pain.

If you are experiencing chronic pain as the result of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, contact Ramos Center for Interventional & Functional Pain Medicine today to schedule an appointment with an experienced pain specialist. We offer exceptional care for patients with chronic pain conditions and can help you achieve relief from your pain, so you can enjoy your daily life without interruption or discomfort. We operate 4 convenient locations in Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice, FL, so you can easily access the compassionate treatment you need to address your CRPS symptoms.