Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment Q & A

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment Q & A

Ramos Center is dedicated to improving our patients’ overall mental health. That is why we offer cognitive behavioral therapy. Call our clinic for more information on how cognitive behavioral therapy can help you or request an appointment online. Serving patients from Bradenton, FL, Sarasota, FL, Palmetto, FL, Laurel, FL, Venice, FL.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment Near Me in Bradenton FL, Sarasota FL, Venice FL, Englewood FL, Port Charlotte, FL
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment Near Me in Bradenton FL, Sarasota FL, Venice FL, Englewood FL, Port Charlotte, FL

Cognitive behavorial therapy (shorthand CBT) is a psychological treatment used effectively for conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, marital problems, alcohol and drug use problems, severe mental illness and eating disorders. CBT can lead to an improved function and quality of life. While psychologists and therapists are the primary professionals who practice cognitive behavorial therapy, doctors and nurses can also perform CBT with the proper training.

How is cognitive behavioral therapy treated?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a psychotherapeutic practice that, through a goal-oriented, systematic procedure, aims to resolve problems concerning dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and cognitions.

The basic goals of cognitive behavioral therapy are:

  • To challenge the thoughts about a particular situation by identifying the cognitive encumbrance
  • To help the patient to identify with better psychological alternatives
  • To test out these alternatives in real world situations
  • To challenge the ideas and assumptions that lead to the automatic thoughts, particularly those producing negative feelings

Cognitive therapy was originally developed for use in the treatment of depression and can also be used to diagnose and treat:

  • Personality disorders
  • Seasonal affective disorders
  • Generalized anxiety disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • Mood disorders

Can nurses do cognitive behavioral therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is commonly practiced by psychologists, therapists, and nurses. Nurse-led cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective strategy in improving the quality of life, self-esteem and mood among patients living with specific conditions. It is recommended that this therapy be incorporated in the optimal care of patients.

What can cognitive behavorial therapy treat?

There has been a lot of research on cognitive behavioral therapy. There is strong evidence that it is particularly effective in treating anxiety and depression. Cognitive behavioral therapy has also been tailored to other specific problems.

For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is also used to treat:

  • bipolar disorder
  • eating disorders
  • generalized anxiety disorder
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • panic disorder
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • schizophrenia and psychosis
  • specific phobias
  • substance use disorders

How long does it take for cognitive behavioral therapy to work?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a time-limited, focused treatment approach. CBT usually involves 12 to 20 sessions for problems such as anxiety and depression. However, depending on the severity and complexity of your problems, the length of treatment can vary. For example, some people improve significantly in four to six sessions, while others may need more than 20 sessions.

What happens at your first visit for cognitive behavioral therapy?

At your first visit, you and the cognitive behavorial therapist will discuss:

  • the nature and causes of your difficulties and factors that could be supporting them
  • how the therapist will apply the cognitive behavorial therapy model to your specific problems
  • how the tasks that you will do in therapy can work to change different aspects of your current problems
  • what you want to get out of treatment

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, panic disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety, OCD, or PTSD, come to Ramos Center today. Our kind and compassionate professionals can help you better understand your problems and walk you through how to best deal with them. Our team of health care professionals are experienced in treating a multitude of disorders with cognitive behavioral therapy, and can help you find the solution to your problems. Contact our office today to talk with a member of our specialist team. Visit us online or simply give us a call to book an appointment!

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