Who Can Benefit

Who Can Benefit from Interventional and Functional Pain Medicine?

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Who Can Benefit from Interventional and Functional Pain Medicine?
Who Can Benefit from Interventional and Functional Pain Medicine?

There are millions of Americans that struggle on a daily basis due to chronic pain. Whether from age, an accident, or a diagnosed medical condition, chronic pain can threaten your everyday life. Simple routine tasks can seem overwhelming and just getting up in the morning to face another day of pain and discomfort can be a battle. At Ramos Center, we work with our patients to create a custom pain management regimen. We understand the impact of being pain free, has on every aspect of our patient’s lives, and being part of this improvement is what motivates us to be the best.

Pain Management Methods

There are two main fields of pain management that we specialize in. The first is interventional pain management. This refers to any number of invasive procedures that are performed with the goal of alleviating a patient’s pain.

Our second field of expertise is in functional pain management. This describes our practice of developing a patient centered therapeutic partnership to address chronic pain. For instance, we will focus on diet modification, fitness and physical therapy, to help address the underlying sources of pain. Using a combination of these strategies, we are confident we can develop a lasting solution that is tailored to your body.

Pain Solution For You

Everyone experiences pain differently and they shouldn’t be treated any differently. We know that not all pain is the same and therefore, it’s ludicrous to believe there is one solution that is perfect for everyone. At Ramos Center, we offer both medical pain management solutions as well as behavioral programs for pain management. In order to deliver the best results, we know that all areas affected by our patient’s pain need to be addressed. Reduction of pain and depression, anxiety, anger, marital and family stress, or insomnia are all keys to meaningful improvement. All of these ailments can exacerbate physical symptoms resulting in more pain. By focusing on the patient’s entire well being, we are able to achieve solutions that are lasting and real, not just cover-ups or short term fixes.

Additionally, we offer the most recent technologies in medical pain management. We are equipped to perform a variety of incredible procedures that can eliminate pain at its roots. Whether the pain is in the lower back or neck, Arthritic pain, post-surgical pain, or the symptoms of a degenerated disk, we have numerous procedures that are proven and effective to put an end to your suffering. Some of our most commonly performed procedures are, injection of medical cement to treat fractured vertebras, implantation of spinal cord stimulators, epidural injections, nerve blocks, facet or spine joint blocks, and injections. We understand pain is complicated and that’s one of the reasons why we are so devoted to establishing a true relationship with our patients. We believe empowering our patients is foundational to long term pain management which is why we develop custom strategies with our patients, not just for them.

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Dr. Ramos is a Board Certified Specialist and is recognized by the prestigious World Institute of Pain. With a background in Anesthesiology in 1999, he founded the Ramos Center to focus on providing relief to patients full time. Since the Center’s inception, the majority of patients have experienced a dramatic reduction in pain after receiving treatment. Our focus on the entire wellbeing of the patient ensures that we don’t just treat the symptoms of chronic pain but work to address the source of the problem. Call us today to schedule an appointment so you can start living pain free.

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